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Reliable Spring & Suspension provides delivery service for South, North, East County and San Diego Metro Area.

Allow Reliable Spring & Suspension help meet your personal suspension needs when it comes to a vintage car, passenger van, medium or heavy truck. 

For honesty, skill and expertise, call Reliable Spring & Suspension, Inc. 
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Broken Leaf Springs? Worn Suspension Parts? Tire Wear Issues? We Can Help!


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  • Leaf Springs
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We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. When you call us, we promise you will receive an answer to your suspension problems in an efficient manner.

Reliable Spring & Suspension will pick up and deliver your suspension parts and leaf springs straight to you location. Call us today!

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heavy truck parts

Reliable Spring & Suspension has specialized in medium to heavy duty truck suspension parts & service for twenty years. Today we are focusing on the heavy duty truck parts. 


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